This plugin allows you to insert a fully customizable index or a list of pages starting from a specified namespace. It should be useful in DokuWiki sites where pages are organized by namespaces. Main features are:

  • Fully customizable with a lot of flexible options, but easy to use and configure for standard needs.
  • Built-in support of Navigation features like highlighting the current location or dynamically displaying the tree of the current namespace.
  • Easily themeable with prebuilt JavaScript themes.
  • Assign namespaces title and link to namespaces.
  • Sortable by date,title and custom metadata information.
  • AJAX support to speed up sites with many pages.
  • Customizable context mouse menu for usual namespace/page actions.
  • TOC pages preview.
  • Replace the DokuWiki index.
  • Hide namespaces/pages according to ACLs and plugin settings.


The indexmenu plugin is not sponsored by anyone but i develop and support it for free during my spare time.

If you gain something thanks to it or you want to support its development 1), you can consider to make a donation:

How to install

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Github changelog


Please, refer to plugin:indexmenu for updated documentation.


Try it at the Navigation page or any of its subpages:


Old releases

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